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Apple event September 2010: New Apple TV, iPods and Ping social network unveiled

Apple has unveiled a new music social network that could rival Facebook and Twitter, as well as an Apple TV that can stream movies and television shows directly from the internet

Steve Jobs announces a new touch-screen version of the iPod Nano

Apple has thrown down the gauntlet to Facebook and Twitter with the launch of a new social-networking service designed specifically for music fans.

Ping, a social music discovery service, is built in to Apple’s iTunes software, a programme used by more than 160 million people to download songs and organise their music library.

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen sues Google, Apple, Facebook, eight others over patents

Billionaire Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, has sued 11 major Web-based companies, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube and eBay, alleging they infringed internet patents he owns.

AOL, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Staples are the other companies accused of violating four patents said cover fundamental web technologies first developed at Interval Research in the 1990s.

The suit has been brought by Interval Licensing, which is controlled by Mr Allen.

It owns the patents of Interval Reserach, a defunct computer science and communications research company founded by Mr Allen and David Liddle in 1992.
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Apple iPhone head leaves company

Mark Papermaster, Senior Vice President for Mobile Devices, has left Apple just 15 months after joining the company

A senior Apple executive responsible for iPhone 4 has left the company in the wake of a number of problems with the flagship device. Mark Papermaster had been Apple’s Senior Vice President for Mobile Devices; a company spokesman said he had left the company on Saturday.

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Apple MacBook Pro Shines.

The fastest, most powerful MacBook Pro ever. Time three.

MacBook Pro Shines in Dual Environments

Government Computer News tested the 15-inch MacBook Pro in its “powerhouse notebook” roundup, making it a “Reviewer’s Choice” and giving it an A+ in battery performance. The reviewer notes that what “really knocked our socks off” was how MacBook Pro fared in the “brutal conditions” of the battery life test, where it “lasted five hours and 13 minutes, outlasting its closest competitor by almost two hours.”read more

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