New Ferrari SA APERTA unveiled

Here is a completed list of the Paris Motor Show 2010 with New Ferrari SA APERTA images.



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  1. wow amazing 🙂 such a nice car. i would love to have it. 😉


  2. === === popular today…

    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…


  3. Cool car…. i m loving it


  4. We here at Ferrari loving it


  5. I can’t wait for Kinect. I’ve tried my best to avoid the negative comments about it failing etc.. I just see it as the next generation in gaming, and by this time next year, the games will rock. The launch games are pretty gimicky, but I watched the clip for Dance Paradise, the game which Universal Music is working on…now that looks like the bomb. I’ve pre-ordered the 250GB Kinect Bundle….I plan on buying a lot of games, hehe. Lucky I got in fast, I read that Gamestop already sold out. Saying all this, one thing I won’t be buying is that dumb boat accessory, can’t believe they even thought to make something like that. At least they could do is make some kind of weapon Kinect Bundle with a machine gun, lightsaber or something, but a boat??


  6. But black is ma favorite color


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